Day One-But not really

We will call this an introduction. Welcome reader!

I started my first blog back in 2006. About my weight loss journey. I loved it. It was so cathartic. I met some super great friends through that writing whom I still chat with even to this day.

Then came a stint with a home improvement blog that I maintained for about 5 years.

In between I have done some guest writing about my journey into craft beer. My battle with infertility. And life with my pets.

Then I simply stopped writing. For a long time. As any writer will tell you. Well, any artist really, to write well you have to be inspired. And sometimes we just aren’t inspired!

But I missed it.

Then came the social media explosion. And I found myself wanting to write so much more than a few words here or there about my life. And then life itself got weird.

My family and I went through a 5 year journey with my step father and Dementia. One that I will touch on throughout this blog. Because I learned a lot. And I want to share that learning with you. And maybe just maybe, I can help one person.

Because hear me now, the journey you walk with a loved one with Alzheimer’s and/or Dementia is a long and painful one. They call it a living death. And there is no more accurate statement than that.

So what brings me here? Why blog? Why now?

Well, I hope to fill in those gaps over time. I really should have started this blog way back then. I could have helped myself and many many others. But alas, I cant turn back time. Not yet!

What I can do is move forward.

Almost two years ago, once my stepfather got so bad that he and my mom had to be separated, and he had to go into a care facility, my mom found herself living on her own. She was not well equipped to do so.

And thus followed a 7 month journey of convicing her to move in with my husband and I. It was not easy. And it was a delicate matter. And I will delve in to that over time.

Again, I should have started a blog back then! UGH!!!

But now we are almost two years in to this journey with her. And some days she makes us laugh. Some days she makes us yell. Some days she makes us cry. It has changed EVERYTHING. And there has been adjustments for everyone involved. And these are the things I hope to share.

And so primarily this blog will be about life with Lynda, my mom. But because life is rarely contained in a neat little box, I will also still chat about life. Weight. Travel. Beer. Food. And of course, my pets.

I hope you will join me and I thank you for reading.










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